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Make Your Own Cold Brew At Home With Percolate Coffee

Make Your Own Cold Brew At Home With Percolate Coffee

There's little better than the perfect cup of cold brew from your favorite coffee shop, right? But we understand you don't always have time to stop in and see us during your busy day! Here's a step by step guide, including links to our favorite products, teaching you how to make your favorite cold brew from home! 

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What you will need:

1) A Cold Brew Coffee Brewer / Dispenser (Cold Brew Coffee Maker)

2) Coarse Ground Coffee

3) Filtered Water

4) Space in Your Refrigerator

(Need a smaller brewer/dispenser? We recommend this one!) 

Cold Brew is actually quite simple to make at home, but it is more time consuming than iced coffee. We prefer Cold Brew over Iced Coffee, however, for a number of reasons. Cold Brew is less acidic and less bitter than most iced coffees. It also lasts much longer once brewed! You can keep your cold brewed coffee in your refrigerator for approximately 10 - 14 days, whereas iced coffee will go bad within 2-3 days of brewing!

How to Brew: 

1) Fill your stainless steel filter insert halfway with your choice of grounds. Most filters have a very fine mesh so even finely ground coffee should stay within the filter, however, a coarse grind is best for cold brew.  

2) Place filter inside your dispenser.

3) Fill dispenser with water. You may have to add water slowly until all the way full. Keep an eye on this process so you don't overfill and lose coffee grounds. 

4) Close your lid tight and place in your refrigerator for 24 hours! 

5) Enjoy for up to 14 days after brewing!

Enjoy your coffee with creamers, sugars, and sauces? No problem! Find below a list of some of our favorites for at home! 

Non-Dairy Creamers: 

NutPods Non-Dairy Creamers

Laird SuperFood Non-Dairy Creamers

Califia Farms Non-Dairy Creamers

Make your own Cold Foam: 

Handheld Milk Frother

Electric Milk Frother (Hot + Cold)

Flavor Additions:

Ghiradelli Sauce Variety Pack

Monin Syrups & Sauces

Comment with your favorite recipes and brews! Enjoy!